We make great use of our CNC Machines here at PM Machine. 

Our machining process involves equipment such as Turning, Milling, Gun Drilling, Swiss Machining, Welding, Chemical Etching, Ultra Sonic Cleaning, Passivation, EDM, Lathing, Grinding, and Drill Press Machines.

Whether we are working with complex materials, tight tolerances, intricate sizes, or elaborate geometric shapes, our precision machining capabilities are capable of taking that challenge. Partnering with PM allows you to develop your entire product line from medical implants to surgical tools and instruments with one qualified supplier. We're particularly skilled in the manufacture of small to medium sized components and assemblies.

We have an extensive amount of equipment, allowing all aspects of the machining process to be completed in-house. When you partner with PM Machine you can expect: quick response to short lead times, the most cost effective, quality solutions, and most importantly "out of the box" thinking which puts you ahead of the competition. We've been perfecting our process for over 50 years by adopting the most up-to-date technologies, lean manufacturing processes and the strictest quality systems to manufacture products you will be proud to call your own.

Machine Abilities

Our milling machines make use of arms that operate on 5 axes, used to effectively mill many different kinds of metal into nearly any desired shape.

Our gun drilling machines are capable of drilling holes from 1 to 50 centimeters in diameter.

After being thoroughly inspected under the accurate eye of a microscope, we're able to accurately identify any flaws that could be present on the product, and pinpoint why and how it got there.