Six-Sigma Quality


Our quality system stems from our manufacturing philosophy, which is to continually implement lean manufacturing and six sigma processes as well as to constantly look for ways to improve.

Our goal

We strive to provide our customers with a complete solution. We can assist you from the onset, starting with  design assistance to prototyping through complete production. We'll manage the supply chain from purchasing raw materials to packaging raw materials to packaging and shipping, ensuring ISO and Six Sigma Quality every step of the way.

Quality Management

P.M. Machine has defined Quality Manement System Planning as "Systems Level" Quality Planning. Systems Level PLanning is accomplished through the monitoring of goals and objectives throughout the manufacturing process and by the assignment of quality management system projects. Statistical Process Control is documented with state of the art programs and is maintained to ISO 13485:2003 standards.

Our Role

Our team ensures that the planning of the quality management system is carried out in order to meet the general requirements of the quality objectives as defined by our ISO requirements, customer requirements, and voulantary measures.

What We Do

As a partner in your entire project, PM Machine offers you development and engineering support. The PM Machine team has an intimate understanding of how things are manufactured and we apply this knowledge when consulting with our customers in the design stages to improve machinability for cost and processes. PM Machine's engineering capabilities enable us to manufacture components, which are beyond our competitor's capabilities.

Process Validation

Process Validation at PM Machine meand dotting the i's and crossing the t's.b In other words, scrutinizing our process every step of the way so we can guarantee the outcome you expect. Process validation takes place in every state, from development to the manufacturing cell to test areas. Consistent results must be produced before we move to full production.